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Sandy Fussell

Sandy Fussell
Author of Samurai Kids

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About Sandy


  I grew up in a house where there were few books except those Santa gave out at the Sunday School Christmas party. One of my first books was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. It terrified me. Mum hid it in the linen closet but I kept sneaking a peak and scaring myself all over again. I'm still nervous about bears but I now live in a house full of books.
There wasn't a great deal of choice in my primary school library and we weren't a ''go to the town library'' kind of family. When I got to high school and saw the rows and rows of books in the library, I didn't know where to start. So I began at A. I found Asimov and Aldriss and loved them. I read nothing but science fiction for the next five years!  
  This is Merimbula, our favourite family holiday destination. When I go on holidays I like to sit and read a book! I love books and I am an editor for the on-line book review magazine The Reading Stack.