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Niya is strong, clever and brave – all the things a samurai kid should be. Even though he only has one leg, that doesn’t stop him from doing anything. He wrestles, rides and swings his sword along with his friends. His spirit guide is the White Crane, who like Niya, stands perfectly still on one leg then raises its wing/arms into the classic White Crane martial arts stance.


Yoshi is bigger than the other kids, and much stronger. But despite this he refuses to fight. Not even to score a team point at the Annual Samurai Trainees Games. When he was young he accidentally killed a friend in a wrestling match and he won’t take that risk again. Not unless he absolutely has to. Yoshi’s spirit is the Tiger – courageous and brave, fearless in the face of danger.


Kyoko is an albino girl. Other kids laugh at her white hair, pink eyes and six fingers and toes. Niya thinks she’s very beautiful but would never tell her, she kicks much too hard. Kyoko is nimble and quick and very cheeky. She can climb anything. Her spirit is the Snow Monkey with its clever hands and mischievous sense of fun.

MIKKO Mikko used to study at the Dragon Ryu where his arm was cut off in a swordfight. He’s a master swordsman in the making, quick and agile. But he’s also a bit lazy. His spirit guide is the Striped Gecko, which likes to lie around in the sun but can move like lighning when it needs to.

Taji is blind but he makes up for that with excellent hearing and a super sensitive nose. He is comfortable in the darkness of the tunnel through the Tateyama Mountains. He has a wonderful sense of humour and is the first with a kind word to say. Taji’s spirit guide is the Golden Bat, which like Taji, doesn’t need sight to see where it is going.


Nezume was once a Dragon student like Mikko. But something terrible happened and he ran away to live on his own. Nezume is a natural explorer and can find his way along tunnels and mazes with ease. He is a loyal friend. His spirit guide is the Long-Tailed Rat and no maze can confuse him.

CHEN Sensei rescued Chen from the streets of beijing. Like his spirit guide, the Red Fox, Chen is cunning and resourceful. he is also an excellent pickpocket.
SAKITO Sakito is a boy from Fuyama Castle who becomes Niya's student. He is loyal and brave like the now extinct Hokkaido wolf.