Owl Ninja (Book 2)

Owl Ninja (Book 2)

Niya, the one-legged narrator, has a fresh and often funny voice reminiscent of Morris Gleitzman. A glossary of characters and Japanese words helps pull unfamiliar readers straight into the story. Recommended for 8-12-year-old lovers of adventure, particularly, but not exclusively, boys.


The kids from the Cockroach Ryu are back and this time they join forces with the Owl Ninja clan!

The fifty years of peace that has ruled over the samurai ryus is coming to an end and only the Emperor can stop it. The kids from the Cockroach Ryu are back and make it their mission to get the Emperor to stop the coming war. But the last time the Emperor saw Sensei, he threatened to cut off his head! Will they be able to protect their Sensie and stop a battle?

Following on from “The White Crane” comes this exciting sequel. An historically accurate depiction of feudal Japan.

Excerpt from the Book

“Someone’s coming,” Taji yells.

I reach Taji first. Not because I’m the fastest. I’m good at many things but running isn’t one of them. It’s hard to sprint with just one leg. I get there fast because I’m practising sword thrusts nearby, only a hop away.

Peering into the valley, I see a short stocky figure making his way up the mountain path.

“Who is it?” Kyoko flops onto the grass.

Mikko, Nezume and Yoshi arrive, pushing and shoving each other out of the way. Like an upended bowl of rice noodles, they land in a tangled mess beside me.

I’ve got really good eyes because in my heart I am the White Crane, able to spot a beetle from the air. My sight takes wing, soaring deep into the valley. But I don’t know how Taji does it. How can a blind kid see at all? When I asked him he laughed at me. “You have to listen, Niya. You are much too noisy to see with your ears.”

It’s true. I like to laugh and jump and yell. Aeeeyagh!. Aeeeyagh! When I am practising, the White Crane screeches out across the ryu. Even when I’m sleeping, Mikko has to poke me in the ribs because I snore louder than a pond full of frogs.

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