Rhian Nest-James

I hope my Illustrations for Samurai Kids will add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of the series.

Maybe they will help you identify with Niya, Taji, Kyoto, Mikko, Yoshi, Nezume and all the other fantastic characters and ‘draw’ you into their adventures!

About Rhian

• I was born in the Japanese Year of the Tiger.

• My favourite subject at school was art!

• My favourite colour is blue.

• Favourite books are The Borrowers, Skellig and The Fire-Eaters.

• Favourite movies are Some Like It Hot and To Kill a Mocking Bird.

• My favourite place in the world is Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

• I have a soft spot for the Border Collie (so intelligent), Bears (hibernation is such a good idea!), Kookaburra (so full of character and so fluffy!).

• I don't have a favourite song . . . it changes all the time.

Interview with Rhian

Born in Wales and now living in Sydney, Rhian discovered her escape into art at hgh school. She hid in the art room to avoid doing PE and Maths. Her wonderful black and white illustrations bring the Samurai Kids to life.

1. When did you decide to become an illustrator?

I made and illustrated my first book when I was 4! Much later when I was a student at Art College I decided to specialise in Illustration so I could combine my skills as an artist with my love of books and reading.

2. What made you choose children’s books?

I love working on children’s books because you can let your imagination run free, but I also illustrate all sorts of other things too, so I don’t get bored and hopefully my work keeps evolving.